Welcome to Aviation Exchange Group

Aviation Exchange Group is an EASA Approved Training Organization (E-ATO-299), offering the finest training for the EMB170/190, ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600Based in Malaga, Spain, our ATO employs highly experienced instructors, utilizing the most highly sophisticated Level D full flight simulators and other state-of-the-art training devices in order to provide the highest quality instruction.

Aviation Exchange Group is a leading aviation training and staffing provider, offering our customers in the aviation sector a global one-stop-shop for all of their training and support needs. Aviation Exchange Group also offers a wide range of services for ATR, Embraer, Airbus and Boeing operators, providing training and recruitment solutions, which include TRI/TRE support, as well as recurrent simulator training for airlines requiring external training support.

Aviation Exchange Group brings a dedicated management team of aviation industry professionals with many years of experience providing the most qualified and reliable training and recruitment solutions to the world’s leading aviation companies. These include:



  • MROS