The commercial pilot is that professional who has been trained and is trained to direct an aircraft to a destination, carrying passengers or merchandise.

It has become a profession with many job opportunities and serious growth expectations, due to the current forecasts of the commercial aviation sector.

Particularly, Regional Aviation has grown a lot during the last 15 years and, currently, it is an area that is demanding of a great number of pilots.

As a reference, between 2012 and 2017, an average of 100 new routes were created per year, reaching the record of 155 new ones in 2017.

And in regional aviation, ATR is one of the main players, since 2010 it represents 50% of total sales in the regional aviation sector.

So, being an ATR pilot is a great option for the future. Since the reputation of the training center is particularly important in the field of commercial aviation, it is vital to choose one with highly skilled instructors with a great deal of experience.

If you want to obtain an ATR72/500 or ATR72/600 Type Rating in a leading training center contact us. Our courses are adapted to real needs, making use of the most advanced systems in the industry to offer the best training in the ATR. Being an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO), we also offer our training programs to pilots from India in compliance with Indian DGCA regulations, as well as pilots from many other countries. Our ATO have cooperation agreements with some of the leading regional airlines (high employment rate of our recent graduates). Contact us and be part of a promising future.

Current forecasts in estimate that in the next few years about 700 thousand new pilots will be required in the next 20 years, due to the increasing demand in traffic for airlines around the world.

Regional aviation has excellent prospects for the future, so deciding to be an ATR Type Rated pilot is definitely a safe value.

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