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Growth and Development of Aircraft Recycling

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It is estimated that almost 12,000 aircraft will be retiring in the coming two decades, hence aircraft recycling offers vast opportunity for effectively expanding the aerospace business. The focus on environmental issues and landfill regulation mount further influenced the asset owners to … Continue reading

Growth and Development of Aircraft Recycling

It is estimated that almost 12,000 aircraft will be retiring in the coming two decades, hence aircraft recycling offers vast opportunity for effectively expanding the aerospace business. The focus on environmental issues and landfill regulation mount further influenced the asset owners to look forward to efficient, revenue building and environmentally sound methods to dispose aircraft. New strategies are continuously discovered to ensure efficiency in the activities of distribution, dismantling, recycling, etc. of aircraft.

Aircraft RecyclingEnumerable developments have taken place in this sector. Previously while the aircraft dismantlers used to wait for approximately 20 to 25 years for the aircraft to fall out of activity it has been observed presently that the aircraft dismantlers are looking forward to younger and more expensive aircraft. This trend is believed to bear an increased level of benefit for the dismantlers. It is important to note here that almost 40% of the airlines’ operating cost goes on fuel burn accounting. This is one of the main reasons attributing to aircraft leaving their services at a younger age and getting replaced by newer and more fuel efficient models. Again there are many countries like Indonesia who have restricted the age of the aircrafts allowed to operate in the country, thereby giving much needed impetus to the aircraft recycling industry.

aircraft recycling industryGiven the present condition and onset of the demand for younger and more fuel efficient aircraft, industry experts foresee a generous increase in the market for aircraft recycling. But as they say no work is without challenges, same is with the aircraft recycling industry. It is one of the major challenges for them to convince the asset owners that the aircraft is already reached the age of its working life. Apart from the industry challenges, the aircraft dismantling industry is also faced with increased level of competition in the market today. Nevertheless the fact that the industry is growing and is offering many lucrative opportunities to the ones operating within is a fact most undeniable.

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Accentuating the In-flight Experience

Alaska Air Wifi InflightDespite the onset of current challenges the global aviation industry is all set to triple itself over the next couple of years – an observation made by the industry experts. The recent upsurge of technologies and facades of in-flight entertainment along with the fulfillment of basic aviation norms is all set to enthrall the passengers with joyful flying experience. It is the introduction of new innovations as per the market requirements further gave an impetus to aviation industry across the different countries. In the wake of the expected future developments is aircraft operations and growth in passenger, the worldwide aviation industry got themselves engaged in major expansion programs. The idea behind their endeavors is to give an impetus to the industry with the introduction of technological advancements and better government policies.

The endeavor taken up by the sector in order to ascertain growth and development of the industry is to make the time spent on air the most relaxed, comfortable and pleasurable experience for the passengers. Technology will be innovated in a way that will facilitate those seeking productivity as well as those seeking entertainment. One of the most important inclusions in the aviation technology will be to benefit the passengers with higher per passenger bandwidth.

In-Flight EntertainmentWith the emancipation of in-flight entertainment passengers will be able to clear their email backlogs or send Power Point Presentation to the colleagues. The facility of Wi-Fi although is available with major airlines, but it is very expensive and much slower than the internet we get at home. The in-flight entertainment targets by worldwide aviation industry will target on Wi-Fi that depends on costly satellite links, which delivers a lot of bandwidth and much more in comparison to the wired networks.

Emirates In-flight with Windows 8

The targets of In-flight entertainment for passengers will not only be restricted to Wi-Fi with very high bandwidth. The aim is to delight the passengers with unparalleled In-flight experience. The budget and imagination of airline will be adequately matched by the simple broadcast videos to sophisticate on demand entertainment. A huge selection of content including live news, interactive games, licensed contents, in-flight emails and flight information will be made available to accentuate the enjoyment of passengers during travel. The use of latest in technology will also facilitate the passengers to engage in the pleasure of in-flight shopping.

The provision for latest generation of interactive application and satellite services is all set to delight the passengers with never before felt in-flight experience.

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Middle East Aviation Industry Gearing Up for Region’s Largest Airports Event

2013 show expected to be 20percent larger than previous event.

Airport Show 2013, the Middle East’s largest event dedicated to airport technologies, operations and infrastructure is set to grow by 20% this year, building on the success of its last edition and the inflow of multi-billion dollar investments across the regional airports sector.

Despite the global economic slowdown, the region’s aviation sector continued to grow amid stormy headwinds. The aviation industry, which contributes $22 billion, or 28 per cent, to Dubai’s gross domestic product also plays a key role in diversifying the emirate’s economy.

That’s why the UAE – a country with a population of less than 8 million- is served by five national airlines that are all growing. Dubai is investing Dh28 bn while Abu Dhabi is investing Dh25 bn in expanding their airport capabilities –part of the Dh700 bn ($190 bn) airport development activities in the region.

The Middle East continues to allocate large investments for developing new and existing airports at a cost of over Dh437 bn ($119 bn). An additional Dh106 bn in various segments of this sector is under the consideration of industry experts in Middle East. Meanwhile, passenger traffic in the GCC has grown at a CAGR of 10% between 2002 and 2010, significantly higher than the global average of 1% -3%.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), Chairman of Dubai Airports, and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates airline & Group, said aviation is now established as a vital contributor to the UAE’s economy, contributing more than Dh145 bn ($39.47bn) or 14.7 per cent to the national GDP.

Following last year’s hugely successful show, the next edition of the Airport Show will take place from 6-8 May 2013 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Dubai, UAE. Designed to support the regional industry’s growth, the 2013 Airport Show will introduce a number of new and highly rewarding programmes, such as:

The Global Airport Leaders’ Forum: A rich content platform running from 7–8 May 2013,assembling the world’s foremost airport, policy, business and technology leaders in an effort to address the challenges they face and provide them with a platform on which they can exchange expertise and know-how, share best practice, forge partnerships and discuss issues of common interest.

Airport Show DubaiThe Airport Passenger Experience:A dedicated area designed to simulate the passenger experience, that will bring together the entire passenger value chain – from airlines to government representatives to the latest technologies, solutions and innovations that are set to revolutionize the industry.

Airport Projects Showcase: a high-end platform where airport project owners (members of our Hosted Buyers Programme) will present their projects in a seminar environment, providing exhibitors with an insight into the business opportunities of the regional airports’ sector.

6 – 8 May 2013, DICEC, Dubai UAE, www.theairportshow.com

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U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring Regional Airport

Sebring expo 2013There are very few events that manage to capture the imagination of the public quite like an aircraft flying in the sky overhead. However, imagine a setting wherein multiple aircrafts can be viewed up close and enjoyed? What may be a dream for many could indeed become a reality with the help of the 9th Annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo that is slated to be held from the 17th to the 20th January this year. Set in the sunny state of Florida, in the city of Sebring, this is an expo that is said to be the largest sport-aircraft dedicated event.

This event is an ideal meeting platform for various individuals ranging from exhibitors, sponsors, visitors, curious onlookers and the press. Of the different kinds of aircrafts that are set to make an appearance here are light sport aircrafts, trikes, powered parachutes, gliders, floatplanes and gyroplanes, among other aircrafts for people to try out and ogle at. People that don’t mind splurging some money will also get a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a half an hour or one hour flight aboard rare aircrafts like B-17 Bomber Nine-O-Nine and the B-24 Liberator Witchcraft.

U.S. Sport Aviation ExpoThere are many more attractions that set this special expo apart. Among a host of surprises that are still being kept tightly under wraps, a Fly-By’s featuring Team AeroDynamics and Breezer Aircraft USA performances and a performance by world aerobatic championship medal winner Patty Wagstuff. Thus, in many ways more than one can count, this expo is set to create a record of sorts by being equal parts fun and exciting for many regular visitors and newcomers alike. With the exciting line up of events and exhibits, it is hoped that this expo proves to be a bigger success than the last one.

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Runway Incursions – What are they?

ICAO’s definition of Runway is a defined rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for the landing and take-off of aircraft.  When any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a runway it is called a Runway Incursion.   Various researches prove that this can occur due to a variety of reasons, which include  miscommunication errors as well as mere carelessness.

The FAA categorizes runway incursions as one of three types:

  • Vehicle/pedestrian deviation
  • Operational error
  • Pilot deviation

Each of these incursionsis given a severity category:

  1. Category A: Collision narrowly avoided by extreme action or chance;
  2. Category B: Significant potential for collision;
  3. Category C: Ample time and distance to avoid a potential collision; and
  4. Category D: Little or no chance of a collision.

Since starting categorizing Runway Incursions in 2004, there have been nine categories A or B incursions. Of those, seven were pilot deviations, and all seven involved a general aviation aircraft.

Three big factors in runway incursions are:

  • Environment: Pilots are more likely to have runway incursion problems at unfamiliar airports. Common sense tells us to use extra caution in unfamiliar situations.
  • Night: If you can’t see something, how can you avoid it? Extra vigilance must be used when taxiing at night.
  • Reduced visibility: The most serious incursion accidents usually happen when the visibility is low. Fog, rain, snow, and other weather can significantly reduce visibility.

Runway Incursion

68% of the accidents involving Air Traffic Management occurred during the ground phase of light. There is a runway incursion every 3 or 4 days in Europe. There is a near collision due to runway incursion every 2 or 3 months in Europe.Although there is no recent major runway incursion that has led to any major fatalities, it is difficult to get rid of the memory of the tragic incident that took place on 27th March, 1977 at Los Rodeos Airport, 1977 Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport, which would have been categorized by the FAA as a Pilot Deviation.

The recommendations by the FAA to avoid runway incursions are:

  • Adequate communication technique during taxi
  • Proper knowledge of airport surface markings, lights and signs
  • Ensure proper use of correct radio telephony procedures
  • Ensure clearances are passed to pilots at periods of low workload
  • Ensure pilots are knowledgeable about aerodrome markings, signs and lights, particularly if the aerodrome is large, complex, busy or subject to temporary work.
  • Ensure pilots receive timely information on changes to aerodrome facilities
  • Ensure that all markings, signs and lights are compliant with standards, serviceable, and effective in all conditions.
  • During work in progress or other temporary changes, ensure that all aerodrome users are familiar with the changes and their effect on airside operations
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Past Present and Future of Computerized Reservation System

Computer Reservations Systems are used for hosting airline seat inventory and seat reservation transactions. Originally designed, owned and operated by airlines, the use of CRSs had been extended to travel agents as a distribution tool.

Different airlines needed to manage and incorporate information regarding various spheres of their operations, such as route information, aircraft information, scheduling, airfare and most importantly, reservation information. CRS came along as the all in one answer option for this problem.

Prior to the 1950′s, all gathered information was collected and manually registered in a logbook. Thus, it was a nightmare for travel agents to book tickets for multiple airlines. Another drawback of the system was that, display of real time data was not possible. In 1950, American Airlines decided to implement a computerized system with real time tracking advantage.  To implement this idea, American Airlines, along with IBM, built SABRE in 1964.

Though this technology simplified the data management part, it brought a significant inconvenience. As the system was airline specific, it created a pricing issue for Low Cost Carriers. Furthermore, travel agents were also inconvenienced as they needed to coordinate with individual airlines for ticket booking.

Global Distribution Systems

Global Distribution Systems

CRSs recognized this problem and decided to transform the entire system into a multi airline distribution system. As a result, GDS was born. Global Distribution Systems host inventory of multiple airlines and other modes of travel and travel related services. In a multi-airline environment, GDS displays schedules of participating carriers in a single display running into multiple screens that are used by travel agents to effect reservations easily. In this manner, the system also helps to reduce the operation cost for both airlines and travel operators. The advent of Internet has seen GDS offer innovative products as well. This system now provides access to car rentals, hotel bookings, railways and much more.


Computerized Reservation System

Computerized Reservation System

As the economic downturn hit the Aviation industry in the last few years, LCCs are again in search of new ticket distribution systems. Currently, ancillary services are primarily sold through the airlines own distribution channels. It is predicted that Smart phones are going to become the most significant sales channel in the coming years. Airlines are also looking to add new sales channels; social networking sites being the latest addition to the list. However, for now, approximately 60% of airline ticket sales are made through GDSs.

IATA unveiled plans to introduce a standard for new GDS products entering the market. This will include offering a greater level product differentiation than is currently available through GDSs. The new standards are expected to be finalized during October’s World Passenger Symposium in Abu Dhabi.

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Airport Retail Market – Way to Earn Non-Aeronautical Revenue!

Lead by the robust growth in Asia, EU, Middle East and Latin American the global Airport Retails Market is all set for an expands by leaps and bounds. According to a survey by Datamonitor Retail, the global Airport Retails Market will increase by 60% within 2015.

Airport Retail Market Graph

Airport retailing consists of duty-free retailing, travel value shops, food and beverages and other services. Passengers look to buy forgotten items, last-minute gifts and supplies like business equipment or refreshing and relaxing products like cosmetics and skin-care products. Greater convenience, broader variety, better value and customer service are given top priority in airport retailing. Entertainment should also be provided to passengers experiencing flight delays or long waiting periods between flights.  The passengers experiencing flight delays or long waiting periods between flights should be provided proper entertainments.


Heathrow Airport Duty Free Shop

Heathrow is spending a huge amount of money for luxury spending & its exposure to big spending passengers from the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China. Gross retail sales at Heathrow have exceeded €2 billion for the first time. Pop-up stores have also contributed to the growth in sales of luxury goods. Lisbon Airport has unveiled a new-look shopping offer available for departing passengers. Passengers can now shop for various kinds of brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry and BeTrend.store.



Luminotherapy spaces

Aiming to provide business travellers with an easy transfer from the airport, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has just launched the Schiphol Business Taxi, a luxury taxi service designed to help business travellers start or end their journey. Paris Charles de Gaulle installed three so-called ‘luminotherapy spaces’ at the airport’s Terminal 2E. Passengers can use the pod 15-minutes for free to fight their jet lag & combat the winter blues. To showcase the region’s music culture, Seattle–Tacoma International Airport launched the SeaTac Airport Music Initiative.


Top performers of 2011:

  • London Heathrow Airport
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport
  • Lncheon International Airport
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • OR Tambo International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Frankfurt Airport
  • Zurich Airport


The last five years have been an outstanding period for airport retail with average annual sales growth of 14% (including duty-free and duty-paid sales), driven mainly by airports’ strategy to develop non-aeronautical revenues. In order to secure targeted return on investment, airports now aim to achieve 50% of revenues from non-aeronautical sources, with retail representing the main source.

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SESAR and Single European Sky concept – An Initiative from European Commission

European airspace is among the busiest in the world with over 33,000 flights managed by 30 ATM providers in almost 500 airports on busy days. But the European air navigation system doesn’t have a single sky concept. It makes Air Traffic Control Management even more complex for Europe. But on the other hand USA air navigation system is based upon single sky concept. This is the point which makes a huge difference between ATM systems of USA and Europe. Many initiatives were taken in the past for improving the ATM system. However, due to the lack of commitment from part of the Stakeholders full benefits were not achieved for most of them.

Single European Sky concept is the only way of providing a uniform and high level of safety and efficiency over Europe’s skies. One of the most ambitious research and development projects ever launched to implement this strategy is The SESAR. It is an ambitious initiative launched by the European Commission to reform the architecture of European Air Traffic Management. The key objectives of SESAR are to eliminate the fragmented approach to ATM, synchronize the plans and actions of the different partners and federate resources. It is basically an Air Traffic Management modification program which combines technological, economic and regulatory aspects of ATM and which will use the Single European Sky legislation to synchronize the plans and actions of the different partners and federate resources for the development and implementation of the required improvements, in both airborne and ground systems. A high-performance air traffic control infrastructure will be provided by The SESAR program which will enable the safe and environmentally friendly development of air transport.

The SESAR JU had present ATC Global from March 9 – 11, 2012 in Amsterdam. Around 600 ATM specialists attended the SESAR technical workshops on the integrated controller working position, airport operations and the 4D/business trajectory.

To facilitate exchange of technical and program information the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment signed a Memorandum of Cooperation during the Program. EUROCAE will align its strategic work program to fit the standardization needs in a better way. EUROCAE Working Groups will be better supported by additional SESAR information & involvement from JU partners. EUROCAE will also benefit from information coming from SESAR validation activities when needed in the life cycle of EUROCAE Documents and EUROCAE Technical Specifications toward the development of Community Specification and European Norms.

According to the Aviation Industry experts this MOC is a major milestone towards a better alignment of EUROCAE activities with the Single European Sky objectives and timeline, a larger involvement of the Aviation Industry to SESAR and its future deployment and contributions to ICAO global ATM modernization initiative. EUROCAE Working Groups will be better supported by additional SESAR information & involvement from JU partners.

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AFCA – Creating a Blueprint for the Future of the Aviation Industry

24th – 26th April 2012, The Hotel Arts, Barcelona
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Only 6 weeks to go until AFCA 2012! Now in its 26th year, AFCA- Aircraft Finance and Commercial Aviation is the only event where you can meet Global Airlines, Financiers covering all areas of aviation, Aircraft Manufacturers, Lessors and Re-marketers– all under one roof!

Attend the New AFCA 2012 To Meet 75+ Global Airlines Representatives

MAKE NEW BUSINESS CONTACTS This is your chance to network with and hear strategic development news from the following Global Airlines:

IAG * Emirates Group * Qatar Airways * IndiGo * Air France * Alitalia *  Delta * Austrian Airlines AG * Virgin America * Lufthansa * Aer Lingus * EasyJet *  DHL Global Aviation * Air Baltic * SAS * Condor Airlines bmi * Mega Maldives Air * Air Atlanta Icelandic * KLM Royal Dutch Airlines * Virgin Atlantic * Onurair *  Air India Express  * Tiger Indonesia * Air Malta * FedEx Express * Turkish Airlines * Sri Lankan Airlines * Aer Arran * Cargolux Airlines Intl SA * Oman Air * Aeronova * Coyne Airways * Primera Air * Airclass Airways * Alba Star SA * FLYA Holding SA * Garuda Indonesian Airways * Ukraine International Airlines * UTair Aviation JSC * Vueling * ANA Bulgarian Air Charter Ltd * Netjets * Airphil Express * GoAir * and more bring confirmed daily

* Airlines Attend for Free. For more information click here or contact lgozzard@icbi.co.uk

OPTIMISE your time at the event with a host of brilliantly facilitated networking opportunities, including Champagne Roundtables, Meet The Speaker Lunches, dedicated Cape Town Treaty Breakfast Briefing and the AFCA Drinks Receptions.

PLUS! Find Out What Factors Will Impact Your Business In The Next Year

LEARN from 90+ of the industry’s most respected CEOs, CFOs, Fleet Planners and Heads of Finance as they reveal the commercial and strategic challenges they are currently facing and what they foresee for the future. Highlights include:

  • THE HEAD TO HEAD INTERVIEW OF 2012 – Tim Clark, CEO,EMIRATES GROUP answers the questions of Prof.RigasDoganis, Non-Executive Director, EASYJET.


Tim Clark

  • GUEST LESSOR KEYNOTE – Steven F. Udvar-Hazy. The “Godfather Of Leasing” reveals his vision for the future and joins a panel of his leasing compatriots.
  • GUEST KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Willie Walsh, CEO,IAGexplains more about the challenges and opportunities afforded by the union of Iberia and BA.


Steven F. Udvar-Hazy & Willie Walsh

  • GLOBAL ECONOMIC THINKTANK – Hear from leading economists across the banking and aviation world including: HELABA, BNP PARIBAS, WALTER UND TOECHTER (with electronic polling).
  • CFO KEYNOTE ADDRESS Discover the secret of creating sustainable future growth within the low-cost model from Chris Kennedy, CFO, EASYJET.

P.S.  Remember to Quote VIP Code: FKN2335AEBLOG to SAVE 10%
Register online here, call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200 or email:  info@icbi.co.uk

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Florida Flight Schools – Phoenix from the Ashes!

Florida is famous for its Great beaches, multicultural lifestyle and weather. It was also one of the aviation hot spot for pilots due to lower prices and good weather, which allows rapid time build.

The business of the Florida Flight Schools collapsed just after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York.  When the government established its connection with aviation schools they were very restricted on granting visas to overseas students that wanted to pursue their Aviation Career in the USA.

As a course of action the country closed over 500 flight schools. Among which the impact in Florida flight schools were brutal. Around 50 schools have disappeared; others reduced their activities and lay off teachers. For years, nobody talked about the quality of those schools, of its existence, it was like falling into oblivion.

Not anymore. It is again a thriving industry after one decade and reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. Thousands of applications for admission to these flight schools are coming from all over the world. According to directors of these schools, several factors influenced the revival of the industry. But the major reason lies in the rising global demand for pilots, mostly in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Since last few years Asia Pacific airlines are leading the global airline industry forward by virtually every metric, be it traffic, fleets, earnings, alliance development or investment. By 2014, Asia Pacific will account for 30% of all passengers, followed by North America at 23%. Of the 800 million new passengers who will fly by then, 360 million of them, or almost half, will be in Asia Pacific and 214 million of those in China alone, according to IATA. A report released in feb-2011 by CAPA INDIA foresees a booming GENERAL AVIATION (GA) sector in India also. The report projects new aircraft sales – business jets, helicopters, turboprops and piston engines – of up to USD12 billion over the next decade. The GA fleet is expected to reach 2000 aircraft. As a result, the demand of trained pilots must also increased by 2020.

Another fact is over the past decade Latin America’s aviation industry has been completely transformed. Led by six financially strong publicly traded airline groups, Latin America now boasts the highest airline profit margin among all regions, surpassing even mighty Asia. Domestic traffic in South America has grown by about 50% since 2008, while growth on international routes within the region has been similarly impressive, establishing Latin America as an industry force to be reckoned with. Intra-Latin America international traffic also has been growing at a rapid pace. According to the latest data from Latin American airline association ALTA, RPKs on international routes within the region grew 11.8% in 1Q2011. High demand for international travel within the region has particularly benefitted Copa, which is the largest operator in the intra-Latin America market. Thus market experts predict the aviation industry will need near about 460,000 new pilots over the next 20 years to meet this huge demand.

According to a study by the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the airlines plan to buy more than 39,500 aircraft in the next two decades. Only in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will require about 83,000 pilots. China, whose regional airlines are expanding at the speed of light, will require 73,000 pilots. Europe will need 92,000, some 41,000 Latin America and the Middle East, 36,600.

This is the major reason why Florida flight schools reopen after such a collapse. It became the venue of choice for future pilots for good weather, which facilitates training after approx one decade. They launched major advertising campaigns in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  At present some around 55,000 foreigners study aviation in Florida. The U.S. government also eased some of the regulations and has facilitated the entry of student visas for two years.

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