You already have your Commercial Pilot License (CPL), the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and the instrumental and multiengine ratings required.

With these licenses in hand, the arduous task of looking for a job begins…

Why do we say that it is difficult to find a job in a company after school?

  • This will depend on the timing and the hiring needs of pilots of the airlines. Although, it is true that there is currently a high demand for commercial pilots.
  • The lack of experience. Recent graduates usually have 150 or 200 minimum flight hours required to get their license (depending on whether they have taken the integrated or modular course). Although, in most cases they have 150 hours.

However, there are ways to improve your pilot CV after school and here are some recommendations:


1. Gain flight hours:

You can do this in different ways:

  • Training as a flight instructor and working as an instructor allows you to work in any of the pilot schools and gain hours (In 2017, in Spain there were 71 flights school – ATOs approved by AESA).
  • You can also work in any of the companies of aerial works (fumigation, transport of advertising posters, aerial photography, aerial filming…) in which their requirements are not usually as strict as those of the airlines. This will allow you to gain flight hours and experience. In this link there is a list of companies of aerial works (there are more than 600 results).

2. Get a type rating

Currently, most companies require a type rating of an aircraft in their fleet, in addition to flight hours; mainly, because the company avoids the cost of training the pilot.

These ratings are specific training in different aircraft models that include theoretical courses, simulations and an exam.

How much does a rating cost?

The price will depend on the type of rating and the place where you take it.

3.Get an ATR type rating

Aviation Exchange Group is an organization for pilot training approved by AESA (E-ATO-299), where we offer different trainings for pilots.

The reason why we recommend you to get an ATR type rating is not just because we offer this type of ratings, but because we have experience with pilots and airlines.

When you finish school and have your pilot’s license, surely your dream -like many other pilots-, is to join a company and control an ATR.

However, it is neither easy nor quick, since they are far more stringent in terms of flight hours, accumulated experience and type rating… So it is likely to be a long time since you get your license until you start practicing as a company pilot”.

Do not you think it is easier to start at an ATR company with reasonable demands of experience and flight hours?

It is a quicker and easier way to start practicing as an airline pilot. It allows you to gain experience and flight hours, and if you want, then you can «jump» to another type of aircraft.

In addition, the demand for ATR pilots is growing and will grow more in the coming years around the world, thanks to the increase in the number of commercial routes that will operate these aircrafts (2,270 new routes in the next 20 years). *ATR Market Forecast 2018-2038

In Aviation Exchange Group we have training for the ATR 42/72 type rating and the INDIA DGA ATR 42/72 type rating.

And we can tell you that…

– 90% of our students have joined an ATR operating company in less than 3 months since they get a rating.

– We have agreements with different ATR operating companies that can offer you a selection interview.

– The ATO will renew your license if you do not receive any offers the first year.

Si acabas de conseguir tu licencia como piloto comercial y quieres iniciar tu profesión de piloto, te animamos a que consigas tu habilitación de tipo ATR y empieces a trabajar como piloto comercial.

Si estás interesado puedes llamarnos al +34951923300, enviarnos el siguiente formulario, contactar a través de nuestras redes sociales.